Client 1

INSIGG exceeded our expectations by showing their skill to design and implement high quality social media campaigns. The team has responded really well in providing us with the finest results and helping us fill gaps where we need right away. They are good with brainstorming and come up with innovative solutions to the problems posed to them.

Dramatic improvements in customers twitter Impressions



Client 2

INSIGG have been excellent at delivering promises within the agreed timings and in spite of challenges along the way. I would highly recommend INSIGG for their amazing services that have helped me to develop a custom managed services for social engagement scope. They truly exemplify the concept of partnership, ensuring they understand my needs and tailor their services accordingly  



Client 3

The team of INSIGG has been very good when it comes to timely delivery and understanding of the necessity. It has been proactive in providing suggestions and implementing them. I’m really thankful to the dedicated team who have helped to streamline processes and identify issues ahead of time.

Client 4

INSIGG's relevant business leads helped us increase our sales.

Client 5

INSIGG grew our community of followers from 150 to 1304 in less than three months. We are very pleased with this dramatic improvement!