Automated (AI) Social Media and Web Chat

  • Social Media Streams (info pulled from Twitter, Facebook, etc.): INSIGG provides relevant and accurate leads based on the client's search criteria (INSIGG provides to client)
  • Social Media Dashboard: INSIGG customizes relevant real-time streams on a secure client page (INSIGG embeds streams directly into client's website)
  • AI Chat Bot: INSIGG implements 24/7 customer sales/service support (INSIGG embeds AI chat bot into client's website)

Social Media and Website Engagement

  • Social Media Presence and Analysis: INSIGG creates and/or improves client's social media presence AND provides competitive analysis of client's social media engagement to improve client's outreach and exposure
  • Social Media and Website Engagement: INSIGG designs and executes strategic campaigns to enhance social media and website engagement
  • Customer Sales & Service: INSIGG customizes 24/7 sales and service support for client's social media channels and website