Social Media and Web Site Engagement Offerings

Key Activities

  • Social Media Assessment
    • Review client’s current use of social media
    • Set parameters for social media assessment 
    • Conduct social media assessment 
  • Social Media Engagement Strategy
    • Generate social media engagement objectives
    • Develop social media engagement strategies
  •  Social Media Engagement Services
    • Develop client’s social media engagement plan
    • Execute client's social media engagement plan 

Key Outcomes/Deliverables

  • Social Media Audit
    • Assessment and research criteria
    • Final social media audit report
  • Social Media Engagement Strategy
    • Workshop and interview
    • Social media engagement
      campaign strategy
  • Social Media Engagement Services
    • Assign “Community Manager”
    • Execute standard or custom social media engagement based on client’s requirements:
          - Standard social media engagement scope will include Twitter and/or Facebook
          - Custom social engagement scope will include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, other social channels and corporate databases